Plugins for WDTVExt

HTrackCover.plugin.js HTrackCover Shows folder.jpg Cover Art for MP3 Tracks with no embedded ID3 Covers Hippogriff 13.09.2010 discuss
RecentTracks.plugin.js RecentTracks Adds the recently played music tracks icon to the main menu urias78 13.09.2010 discuss
Weather.plugin.js Weather Weather forecast on the Main Menu pibos 03.09.2010 files
MP3Cover.plugin.js MP3Cover Work with MP3 covers recliq 30.08.2010 discuss
DoSomething.plugin.js DoSomething enables you to create "snippets" of command line commands and run them from OSD sailort 30.08.2010 discuss

CDManager.plugin.js CDManager Plugin allowing to control an Optical Drive arifg 16.08.2010 discuss

Suspend.plugin.js Suspend Suspend device after Blackout, Inactivity and at Certain Time avkiev 18.07.2010 discuss
Time.plugin.js Time Show current time we 18.07.2010 discuss
Reloader.plugin.js Reloader creates a menu Plugins from which you can reload all loaded WDTVExt plugins recliq 15.07.2010 discuss

HomePageYouTube.plugin.js HomePageYouTube This recreates the YouTube menu items from a home menu icon tkorth 02.07.2010 discuss
HomePagePandora.plugin.js HomePagePandora Adds a Pandora icon to the main menu that starts Pandora immediately when clicked tkorth 02.07.2010 discuss
AutoZoom.plugin.js AutoZoom Allows you to set a custom zoom level to be used while playing videos 24.06.2010 discuss
_Ring.plugin.js Ring "construct", which enable to change plugin, which will receive key command on page sailort 22.06.2010 discuss

SleepTimer.plugin.js SleepTimer Plugin to send the WD Live to sleep after 15, 30, 45, ... 120 minutes dan 21.06.2010 discuss
VolumeControl.plugin.js VolumeControl While playing movies you can use up and down keys to increase/decrease volume recliq 16.06.2010 discuss
FolderFix.plugin.js FolderFix Thumbs bug fix recliq 01.06.2010 discuss
ThumbsFix.plugin.js ThumbsFix Thumbs bug fix 01.06.2010 discuss
PluginLoader.plugin.js PluginLoader Plugin's reload on-the-fly recliq 01.06.2010 discuss
MediaMark.plugin.js MediaMark Marks played files as "Viewed" with a nice little icon in the bottom of the screen Krypto 30.05.2010 discuss

ExtraKeys.plugin.js ExtraKeys Using extra keys on defined pages avkiev 24.05.2010 discuss
SubDownloader.plugin.js SubDownloader downloads subtitles from Lupu 20.05.2010 discuss
PlaylistGen.plugin.js PlaylistGen create movie playlists based on several criteria atmelfreak 14.05.2010 discuss
MediaNavigation.plugin.js MediaNavigation MediaNavigation sailort 14.05.2010 discuss

reboot.plugin.js Reboot Reboot from main menu we 08.05.2010 discuss
MediaFolder.plugin.js MediaFolder links the main menu items video, music, photos directly to 'Local Drives -> Folders' within this menu recliq 08.05.2010 discuss
ExtSheet.plugin.js ExtSheet Information about selected media-file pibos 08.05.2010 discuss
MovieSheet.plugin.js MovieSheet enables you to get rid of the time consuming linking of sheets in wdlxtv recliq 07.05.2010 discuss
HideSettings.plugin.js HideSettings Hide Settings menu calimero100582 07.05.2010 discuss